Smile Texas is open to serve the dental needs of Houston and provide essential dentistry in our purpose-built facility:
Smile Texas was founded over 17 years ago to deliver cutting edge dental implant and cosmetic dentistry procedures for people that wanted exceptional personal service from experienced experts in the field of dentistry. Smile Texas is one of world’s most state of the art, purpose-built facility designed to deliver exceptional care to people. For over 30 years, universal protective precautions in dentistry has kept BOTH patients and dental health care providers safe and protected. Smile Texas proactively responded to the current threat posed by the COVID-19 outbreak, by implementing additional protective measures to enhance the safety of all that are treated, visit and work every day at our practice. We have been following ALL Centers for Disease Control, American Dental Association as well as guidelines implemented on the Federal, State of Texas and Fort Bend County levels on an ongoing basis. The guidelines are fluid and can change. We are reaching out to you to share some perspective on the current pursuit of your dental care with Smile Texas. We intend to provide fact-based education on receiving care and the confidence that can come from that information.
Smile Texas is focused on dental implant-based solutions for tooth replacement as well as cosmetic dental solutions to rehabilitate people’s smiles and solve patient’s dental problems. With over 100,000 dental procedures performed in our 17 years of operation, treating patients from Texas and all over the world, our highly-trained dental and medical practitioners are focused on the essential work of removing dental disease, decay, restoring dental function, the and oftentimes, improving overall health. Our mission has remained clear and we will be here to provide solutions for those needing help, especially in these uncertain times. That is what we do best. That is our calling in our lives, and we want to remain the iconic place of hope that we have always been for all that trust us with their personal dental care, because that’s who we are.
Who does Smile Texas serve, especially in this time when optimal personal health has never been so very important? We are here to take care of any of our existing patients in need as well as any adult suffering with tooth loss, chipped or broken teeth, decay, infection, significant pain, and related health issues. For these patients, the choice to pursue treatment is not an elective option, but rather an essential decision to remove infection, relieve pain, and restore health.
We remain open to serve a patient population who critically needs us. One of the primary controllable contributors to emergency room visits is dental-related. Removing options for those in need may unnecessarily divert them to the overburdened emergency rooms dealing with the coronavirus. Because we are a purpose-built facility, we take great precaution in providing a safe environment for treating our patients, above and beyond our normal standard of care. We have enhanced our already excellent cleanliness and sanitation protocols and we strictly follow CDC guidelines. We are very different from hospitals and other healthcare facilities where infection and cross-contamination can occur, we are a standalone facility for exceptional dental care. You can learn more about the specific measures we are currently taking at Smile Texas by visiting
We know that these may be uneasy and trying times for many of us, but please know that our Smile Texas team is here to serve you now and in the future. We will continue to do so, in the safest and most responsible manner possible, in the restoration of your health through exceptional dental care. Let’s be healthy and safe together!
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At Smile Texas, we are more than your ordinary dental office. Our focus is strictly on cosmetic dentistry to create beautiful smiles for patients all over the world. Our doctors, Dr. Rick Kline and Dr. Bret Davis, are extremely knowledgeable with years of experience and training.

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