Cosmetic Dentistry

You can have an amazing smile in
as few as 2 visits!

  • Corrects Nearly Any Smile Imperfection. Stained/Dark Teeth, Gaps and Spaces, Crooked Teeth, Chipped/Broken Teeth, Missing Teeth, Small Teeth, Gummy Smiles.
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  • Healthy, Natural, Beautiful Smiles. Your new smile is custom designed in tooth size, shape, and color to perfectly match your facial structure and features.
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  • A Lasting Investment In Yourself. Your new smile is highly resistant to staining, darkening and future wear.
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  • We Offer Safe, Gentle Sedation. With the latest in sedation alternatives you can get the smile you want and ‘snooze’ right through your appointments.
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  • We Make Having A New Smile Affordable. With today’s amazingly low interest rates, nearly anyone can afford to have a stunning smile. Click below to visit our Financing Page where you can apply online!
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  • Cosmetic & Reconstructive Dentistry Is All We Do. For over 13 years Smile Texas has been devoted exclusively to Cosmetic & Reconstructive Dentistry. We have now completed thousands of life-changing smile makeovers.
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Patient Stories

Randy’s Smile Teeth By Tonight!®
Becky’s Teeth By Tonight!®
Bill’s Teeth By Tonight!®

Tyra’s Smile Makeover
Steve’s Smile Makeover
Nydea’s Smile Makeover

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