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Dental Implants and securely fixed teeth in just one procedure with our amazing Teeth By Tonight!® solution.

Why Thousands have chosen our Teeth By Tonight!® Procedure

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  • Dr. Kline created the Teeth By Tonight!® procedure over a decade ago and has now completed thousands of cases.
  • Dr. Kline has devoted his entire 25-year career to replacing lost smiles using dental implants.
  • Dr. Kline is routinely consulted for his expertise by the international companies that make dental implants.
  • Teeth By Tonight!® restores your smile with securely fixed teeth that you never have to remove. No one needs to know these are not your natural teeth.
  • Your ability to bite, chew, speak clearly, and laugh without hesitation is completely restored.
  • The elimination of gum infection can result in a noted overall improvement in the way you feel.  You may be less susceptible to every little bug going around and feel more energetic!
  • Your new smile may make you look 10 to 15 years younger due to the restoration of a more youthful contour of your face.  Also, whiter and unworn teeth are generally associated with youth!

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What are the differences between Teeth by Tonight!® implants and regular dental implants?

In many cases, a dental implant is used to replace a single missing tooth. When this is done it is usually advisable for that implant to heal for 4 to 6 months before attaching a replacement tooth. However, with Teeth By Tonight!® between 4 and 6 dental implants are placed at the same time in a way that they support each other. When the replacement teeth are attached they create a cross tension between the supporting dental implants that is similar to what occurs with a suspension bridge.

The physical advantage this offers is that the implants are immediately strong and can withstand biting and chewing forces. However, Teeth By Tonight!® is only appropriate for those who need to replace an entire arch of upper and/or lower teeth. This solution is not the right one for a single lost tooth.

What are the benefits of Teeth By Tonight!®?

With our Teeth By Tonight!® procedure those who have lost or are losing their natural teeth can have a healthy, beautiful new set of upper and/or lower teeth placed in just one day! Unlike dentures, Teeth By Tonight!® smile is permanently secured just like natural teeth. Instead of tooth roots, your beautiful replacement teeth are attached to rock-solid dental implants.

This means that biting and chewing function is restored to that of a normal healthy set of teeth. It also means your teeth don’t come out at night. With Teeth By Tonight!® there is no need for denture creams or having to endure a loose miserable denture.

Am I a candidate for Teeth By Tonight!®?

The short answer is, Yes! One of the advantages of the Teeth By Tonight!® procedure is the flexibility it gives to restore teeth for almost anyone. Even most people who have been previously told that they don’t have enough bone for dental implants! In the most extreme cases the patient may need to undergo a bone transplant prior to the procedure. But, this is quite rare.

What Our Patients Have to Say

Dr. Kline and his staff are amazing, fun and so professional. I am so in love with my smile but mostly impressed with the procedure and process all the way through! Everything was perfectly done, I feel that my speedy recovery had everything to do with Dr. Kline’s expertise and perfection. I always feel safe in the care of SmileTexas® and could not imagine trusting any other practice with such an important part of my life!” – Jennifer M. 

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How is the Teeth By Tonight Procedure Performed?

  • We remove your failing and damaged teeth.
  • Treat gum infection that is damaging your health.
  • Gently place 4 to 6 dental implants (artificial tooth roots).
  • Attach a set of beautiful new teeth to the just placed dental implants.
  • As the procedure concludes, sit up and see the new you with a dazzling new smile!
  • Eat a light meal that night with your new teeth.
  • Recovery time and pain are negligible.
  • With proper care, there is no upper limit to how long your new smile can last.

What Conditions does Teeth By Tonight!® Treat?

Teeth By Tonight!® is for the total replacement of the upper and/or lower teeth.  This procedure is for those people who have already lost or are losing their natural teeth.  With Teeth By Tonight!®, people have an alternative to a traditional denture and all the complications they bring.

What Treatments are Offered in the Teeth By Tonight!® Solution?

The Teeth by Tonight® solution includes:

• The removal of any remaining teeth in the upper and/or lower mouth (depending on whether one or both rows of teeth are being replaced).

• Bone grafting where needed to assure the success of the dental implants.

• The placement of 4 to 6 dental implants per row of teeth to act as artificial tooth roots to firmly secure your new set of replacement teeth.

•  The placement of a healing appliance gently attached to the new dental implants to be worn overnight.

• This entire procedure is done under anesthesia as administered and monitored by our in-house M.D. Anesthesiologist.

• Return the next day for the placement of your custom made, beautiful new set of teeth.  No anesthesia is needed for this procedure as there is 

   no real discomfort.

When Will I Notice Results from the Teeth By Tonight!® Solution?

For most people, seeing themselves with a full set of teeth again is a highly emotional experience.  Many experience this the first time with our lifelike healing appliance that is only worn overnight. The bigger result happens the next day when your custom made permanent smile is placed.  You may still have some bruising and soreness from the procedure the day before.  But your new smile will be extremely noticeable and life changing.

What Type of Anesthesia is Used During the Teeth By Tonight!® Procedure?

Our in-house M.D. Anesthesiologist administers IV sedation prior to the start of the procedure.  This takes the patient into a deeply relaxed state in which they are basically unaware of the procedure being performed.  This is the same approach used in all surgeries.  In addition, Dr. Kline will administer local anesthetics that will numb the areas in which he is working to remove teeth and place dental impalnts.

Will My Insurance Cover Treatment?

Insurance coverage for dental implant treatment can still be somewhat challenging. Some insurance companies include dental implants into their scope of benefits and others may not. Because policy details may change periodically, we suggest contacting your insurance company directly for specific information. Even if your insurance provider doesn't cover the cost of the dental implants themselves, they may cover some aspect of your treatment, such as your replacement teeth! We're happy to help you however we can. Please don't hesitate to contact our office for assistance.

Are there any risks?

The only real risk of any dental implant procedure is when the implant fails. This means that the dental implant was not accepted by the supporting bone and became loose. This is a very rare occurrence and is usually the result of very soft or thin bone tissue.

This is where the extensive experience of Dr. Rick Kline is particularly critical. Having placed thousands of dental implants, he has the experience to recognize when a location is going to be problematic and to choose another place for that implant. Usually, if an implant fails it can be replaced in another location in the bone to support the replacement teeth.

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Watch Dr. Rick Kline Explain Dental Implants In this Informative Interview

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How long do the Teeth By Tonight!® dental implants last?

When properly placed, dental implants osseo-integrate with the bone. This means the bone basically grows to attach to the implant which makes it extremely strong and durable. The stress that the implant places into the bone as you bite and chew actually causes the bone to grow stronger! When placed by a true expert like Dr. Rick Kline, there is no upper time limit as to how long a dental implant and the replacement teeth can last. Our goal is for your new smile to serve you for the rest of your life.

How to Maintatin Teeth By Tonight!® dental implants

In general, you care for your new smile just as you would a normal set of healthy teeth. Daily brushing and flossing are critical. Our staff will give you additional guidance on the best techniques. Additionally, regular teeth cleanings in our office are very important to maintaining your beautiful new smile.

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