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Implant Dentistry By Dr. Rick Kline

“As a dentist, my greatest satisfaction comes from restoring the quality of life for someone who suffers each day due to the loss of one or more of their teeth. For those of us with healthy teeth, it’s hard to imagine what these people deal with on a daily basis. Things we take for granted such as being able to eat without pain or to speak clearly are a challenge for these people. For many, there is also the embarrassment that comes with being ashamed to smile. This can shatter one’s confidence and change the way the world sees that person. Thankfully, with dental implants and replacement teeth, I can restore nearly anyone’s smile and greatly enhance their daily lives.”


Teeth-By Tonight With Dr. Kline

“The procedure I’m most known for is Teeth-By-Tonight!™ I’ve been offering this procedure for over a decade. It’s appropriate for those who are losing or have already lost all of their natural teeth. (In most cases our patients need at least some bad teeth removed during the procedure. But we see many denture wearers as well.)”

“In just one procedure I can remove any remaining bad teeth, place dental implants and then build a beautiful new smile on those solid artificial tooth roots. Amazingly, this new smile is immediately functional and solid as a rock. Patients eat a light meal the same night! Because their new teeth are protecting the gum tissue that was affected when we placed the dental implants, they experience almost no discomfort and minimal downtime. Within a day or two, they have learned how to bite, chew and speak again as if these had been their natural teeth all along. The results are life-changing and happen literally in one day. I can’t overstate how much my patients benefit from this procedure.”

Dr. Rick Kline | Sugarland TX

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Here are just some of Dr. Kline’s credentials:

  • Dr. Kline has been in practice for over 20 years.
  • Has performed thousands of implant procedures.
  • Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology.
  • Graduate of the prestigious Misch Institute for Advanced Implant Dentistry.
  • Official Dentist of the Miss Texas-USA Pageant.
  • Dr. Kline is the Founder of SmileTexas.
  • One of the first Dentists in the U.S.A. to offer Teeth-By-Tonight!™
  • Fellow of the American Society of Osseointegration.

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