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As part of a Smile Makeover, we have several options to eliminate the appearance of a “Gummy Smile.”


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What is a Gummy Smile?

The treatment of a gummy smile, also known as gingivectomy, is the process by which Dr. Kline removes excess gum tissue that causes your teeth to look too short and boxy. As part of a Smile Makeover at Smile Texas, we offer a variety of solutions that will eliminate the appearance of a “Gummy Smile.”

Using a Diode Laser, we can gently and permanently remove the excess gum tissue that is hiding the top of the teeth.

This is often done in conjunction with making the all-porcelain veneers that are used slightly longer than the natural teeth.

Also known as Aesthetic Crown Lengthening, this treatment serves to make your teeth more proportional to the perfect smile. Finally, some of our guests have a naturally over-active upper lip that moves up too high when they smile. This exposes the gum tissue to view and is often not considered optimal. Using a simple Lip Tack procedure, we can reduce the amount that the upper lip moves to create a beautiful smile line. Guests who have had this procedure have loved the result.

Causes of Gummy Smile

There are many things that may cause someone to require agingivectomy. Some of these include:

  • Excessive gum tissue
  • Disproportionate jaw formation
  • Excessive bone tissue around the teeth
  • Short upper lip

During your consultation, Dr. Kline will discuss which treatment will be best for you.

Diode Laser Treatment

During your 2-Visit Smile Makeover, we will use a Diode Laser to trim back excess gum tissue. The doctor performs the procedure in conjunction with the correct sizing of your new all-porcelain veneers. Results are amazing and will eliminate the look of a gummy smile.

Hear it from our patients

You can’t put a price on the quality service they provide for lifelong confidence. I am overwhelmingly happy with my results and it’s shown in my day to day activities.

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Aesthetic Crown Lengthening

In more extreme cases of excess gum tissue, we use a procedure known as Aesthetic Crown Lengthening. This is a gentle surgical approach to remove excess gum tissue and set the stage for a beautiful new smile using all-porcelain veneers.

Lip Tack Procedure

In some cases, the appearance of a gummy smile is not due to excess gum tissue over the teeth. It is because when smiling the upper lip moves too high, revealing gum tissue that is not normally seen. With an invisible incision and a few sutures, we tack the lip is down in a way that eliminates the appearance of a gummy smile. This procedure is fast, effective, and patients report almost no discomfort.

Why Choose Smile Texas:

Experience Matters – Smile Texas has completed thousands of Smile Makeovers! Patients from all over Houston, Texas, the United States and the world come to Smile Texas for their Smile Makeovers. Our experience means less hassle for you. In other words, we’ll install your porcelain crowns and veneers correctly the first time, giving you a new smile that will make you look and feel more attractive without any heartache.

For guests on a tight schedule, we can complete a smile makeover in as little as 1 week!

Out-of-Town Guests receive complimentary transportation from the airport to the office.

We use the most reputable laboratories, using the finest materials to make your custom porcelain restorations.

Smile Makeover Costs

Call Smile Texas today. Our new patient coordinators will be happy to provide you with an estimate. Convenient financing options make it easy to get the smile of your dreams today!

See our Extensive Smile Gallery before and after photos for examples of beautiful cases completed with the use of Smile Makeover porcelain crowns and veneers. These are just a few of the many thousands of Smile Makeovers we have completed at Smile Texas.

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