Why Patients Choose Dental Implants Over Bridges and Dentures

  • Posted on: May 15 2023
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beautiful woman in blue cloth show white toothy smileDrs. Rick Kline and Bret Davis of Smile Texas in Sugar Land, TX, know how important it is to replace missing teeth as soon as possible. Delays in replacement can result in bone loss and shifting teeth. There are many options available to restore the smile, including dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures. But which one is the best? Which one is superior? In many cases, patients often choose dental implants over alternative solutions for several reasons.

Why do patients choose dental implants for smile restoration?

Dental implants offer a number of advantages over bridges and dentures for replacing lost or extracted teeth. Traditional dental implants are designed to feel, look, and function just like natural teeth. They provide a stable foundation for crowns, bridges, and dentures without damaging surrounding healthy teeth. Additionally, dental implants don’t require the additional maintenance that other tooth replacement options may call for. Because they bond directly to your jawbone through a process called osseointegration, they become a permanent part of your mouth and do not shift around or move as traditional dentures can. This allows you to chew with more confidence and less worry about slipping or shifting teeth.

However, dentures and bridges pose other issues that may make dental implants a more reliable option for many of our patients who visit us at Smile Texas. Dental bridges require that adjacent teeth be filed down in order to properly fit the bridge, which can weaken them and increase the chance of fracture. With dentures, you may need repeated adjustments over time to keep them comfortable as your jawbone changes shape due to bone resorption. Dental implants allow for a more permanent solution with less upkeep than bridges or dentures.

What tooth replacement option is right for me?

Ultimately, dental implants offer many advantages over traditional bridges and dentures when it comes to replacing teeth. They provide a strong foundation for replacement teeth, don’t compromise surrounding healthy teeth, and require minimal maintenance compared to other tooth replacement options. If you are interested in talking to Drs. Rick Kline and Bret Davis of Sugar Land, TX, to discuss implants and your candidacy, connect with the office by calling 281-265-7645.

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