Full mouth restoration can allow patients to obtain the smile of their dreams

  • Posted on: Apr 15 2019
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Some patients have a perfect smile free from imperfections. Others may have a combination of issues that are impacting the health of the smile as well as the appearance and function. Sugarland, TX area patients who are interested in addressing various issues within the smile may want to ask the team of Smile Texas about the benefits of full mouth restoration.

Full mouth restoration is a method of repairing the smile and addressing issues of function and beauty. Also known as a smile makeover, full mouth restoration may include a variety of treatments combined to achieve results. During this treatment, our dentists, Drs. Rick Kline and Bret Davis, will evaluate the smile and speak to patients about the concerns they have. Then, together with the patient, they will develop a treatment plan that works for their budget and desires.

There are many different treatments that can be combined into a full mouth restoration, as the entire process is customized for patients.

They may include any of the following services:

• Dentures

• Dental implants

• Dental bridges

• Dental crowns

• Professional teeth whitening

• Porcelain veneers

• Composite resin bonding

By combining treatments, a variety of concerns can be addressed at once. In fact, some patients choose to go through their full mouth restoration during a single appointment. Many treatments can be done at once with proper anesthetics and sedation. Other patients decide to have the procedures done one at a time. This may be done due to finances or just to slow the progression to the brand-new smile of their dreams! Many treatments can be done together during a single visit, and this may be encouraged for patients who have dental anxieties as it can lessen the overall fear of having extensive work done. Drs. Rick Kline and Bret Davis work directly with individuals to ensure they are at ease with the treatment plan that will be pursued.

Ready to learn more about full mouth restoration?

Contact the team at Smile Texas to discuss options for treatment with our team of professionals, including Drs. Rick Kline and Bret Davis in Sugarland, TX. The practice is located at 4665 Sweetwater Boulevard and can be reached by calling (281) 265-7645.

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