What Is Recovery Like for a GumTuk™ Procedure?

  • Posted on: Sep 15 2023
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GumTuck™ procedure Patients who are self-conscious about having a more visible gumline, often referred to as a gummy smile, are turning to GumTuk™ procedures. This process involves either removing excess gum tissues or minimizing movement of the upper lip to reduce the visibility of the gums when you smile. Based on your specific smile, they will employ diode laser treatment, aesthetic crown lengthening, or a lip tack procedure. Following this, there are a few things you can do to care for your teeth and gums and aid in your recovery.

How to Care for Your Teeth and Gums During Recovery

You may continue to brush your teeth after your GumTuk™ procedure. Most dentists recommend utilizing a soft-bristled brush as this will be less abrasive on your teeth and gums. Avoid applying too much pressure, allowing the bristles to do most of the work.

It may be difficult to floss the first day following the procedure. However, you should resume flossing after this. Be careful to floss gently and avoid poking at the gums too much, which can cause irritation and hinder their healing.

You can also utilize a saltwater rinse (add one tablespoon of salt to a glass of water) a few times a day to aid in the healing process and prevent infection. This may be better to use instead of mouthwash since it has alcohol that can inflame the gums.

What Foods Can You Eat Following Your GumTuk™ Procedure?

Following your GumTuk™ procedure, you must be mindful of what you eat to avoid pain or discomfort. Avoid eating hard or crunchy foods, which can hurt your teeth and gums. This may include hard bread, chips, uncooked vegetables, and pizza. Spicy foods should also be avoided as this can inflame the gums and make eating unenjoyable.

You may, however, still eat soft foods such as ice cream, smoothies, mashed potatoes, soup or broth, and pasta. Eating foods that irritate your gums and cause you pain can slow down your recovery.

Contact Smile Texas for More Information

If you are interested in treatment for your gummy smile in Sugar Land, TX, Smile Texas offers professional GumTuk™ procedures to restore your confidence in your smile. You can also learn more about how to care for your teeth following a procedure by contacting their office at (281) 265-7645 or scheduling a consultation online.

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