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  • Posted on: May 2 2014
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Beautiful Smile Texas

A natural result of aging is the wearing and yellowing of our teeth. Decades of drinking coffee, tea, sodas and even smoking all take their toll. Teeth accumulate the damage of life with chips, broken and even “ground down” teeth. And since this process happens very slowly over time, we don’t even notice the gradual change. However, people we are meeting for the first time immediately associate a less than perfect smile with the rest of our appearance and mentally assume we are older than we really are.

As you can see by Mellonie’s Smile Makeover above, a beautiful white smile changes the entire appearance. Suddenly, Mellonie looks like she could be the latest star on a hit television series. This was achieved by Dr. Bret Davis with a 2-Visit Smile Makeover using stunning, custom made, all-porcelain veneers. Using this approach, Dr. Davis can correct nearly any smile imperfection and create a life-changing smile that will be highly resistant to future damage or staining. In fact, we are so confident in Dr. Davis’s work that each cosmetic case is backed by our amazing
Last Time You Pay policy.

We encourage you to contact our office today to schedule a Complimentary Consultation and learn how we can transform your smile and your life!

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