Age Does Not Negate the Value of a Great Smile

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2017
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Cosmetic Dentistry Sugar Land TXTo look beautiful means something different to all of us. When we meet with patients who are interested in cosmetic dentistry, what we ultimately discern is that they want to look like the best version of themselves. This may initially be expressed regarding “I want a brighter smile” or some other specific request. However, at the end of the day, what we all want is just to feel good about the way we look.

We may not be able to completely do away with the aging process, nor would we want to. What many people want is to understand what is needed to prolong their sense of confidence in how they look. Lines and wrinkles may cause little frustration and may hold little consequence to how we come across in everyday life. The smile, though, holds its power from early childhood to the end of days.

Reasons Older Adults Deserve a Great Smile

What’s in a Number?

As far as age goes, numbers don’t mean anything anymore. Take retirement, for example. How many of our parents are still working even though they have reached “retirement age?” How many of us are still working when we could be considered “old enough” to retire? The fact is, more people are staying more active for much longer these days. Here’s what that means for the average older adult:

  • Whether work consists of volunteering at a local charity or running a booming business, the smile is every person’s first impression. A radiant, youthful smile exudes confidence and builds trust. We also feel better when we know our teeth are healthy and attractive, which allows us to carry ourselves with more confidence.
  • Age is not a relevant factor in developing new relationships. Many of us know people who are just starting to date or who are planning to marry later in life. Because social interaction is integral to a vital adult life, there is a need to sustain healthy teeth and gums, to manage fresh breath, and to feel confident in our smile.
  • Physical wellness is achieved in some ways. Healthy eating and regular exercise are crucial, as is good oral care. The presence of gum disease increases one’s risk for several medical conditions. Fortunately, routine exams and cleanings are a simple way to mitigate that risk.

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