Are You a White Knuckle Dental Patient?

  • Posted on: May 17 2012
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Are you a white knuckle dental patient? Do you grip the dental chair with what resembles a clenched claw? Does your dentist appear to you in horns carrying a pitchfork? Do dental tools look like hammers, chisels and pliers? Relax! Smile Texas can help.
Most Dental Phobics are born from bad dental experiences in childhood. The string around the loose baby tooth and the door knob trick could be one bad experience. (Yes, you can blame your parents.) The old school dentist who told you “Oh, this won’t hurt” as he drilled a cavity is another. Or feeling like the dentist was about to put his foot on your chest to get leverage to pull a tooth with only local anesthesia is one more. If you are a Dental Phobic for any of these or any other reason, Relax! Smile Texas can help.

Now, you may be in a bit of a fix. Your fear of dental work has caused you to miss checkups and treatment for maybe many years. Now, you have an issue or are just unhappy with your Smile. Relax! Smile Texas can help.

Your experience with Smile Texas will be very different from those in your past. It begins with a consultation in a calm and soothing environment. Once treatment begins, Smile Texas offers a variety of Sedation Dentistry options. Nitrous oxide and oral sedation is available every day for most procedures and IV sedation is available twice a week for implants, extractions, and the extra nervous patient. In addition, Smile Texas provides comfort items like blankets, pillows and your favorite music on an IPOD. You can even bring your teddy bear. So, no fear. Relax! Smile Texas can help.

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