Dentures Do More Harm Than Good

  • Posted on: Aug 26 2011
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Do you feel like your face appears sunken in? Botox isn’t going to fix the problem – it’s those dentures that are aging your features.

Wearing a denture accelerates bone loss. As a result, a denture-wearer’s dentures have to be relined to fit their mouth, leading to more bone loss. It’s an unfortunate cycle that negatively affects your appearance.

There is a smarter and longer-lasting alternative to dentures: Dental implants are placed directly into the bone, thus avoiding bone loss and instead preserving bone structure by actually stimulating the bone, similar to natural tooth roots. Dental implants are permanent and secure and they help you get the natural-looking smile you want without having to deal with an overload of unreliable hardware in your mouth.

Dr. Rick Kline performs no-flap, no-incision dental implant procedures with minimal recovery time. At Smile Texas, we offer the latest in anesthesia during all implant procedures – such as sedation dentistry options – so it feels like the work is completed comfortably in the blink of an eye.

Learn more about dental implants by watching this dental implant video series.

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