Do You Really Need that Man Cave?

  • Posted on: Jul 27 2012
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Man CaveAs summer starts to wind down, many families are getting ready to have an empty nest or at least a partial empty nest.  Many recent graduates are preparing to move out of the family home to move into the college dorm or to that new apartment to start a new job.  Are you one of these families?  Have you (secretly) started making plans for your son’s or daughter’s room?  Are you thinking of a Man Cave or a home office or a media room?   Maybe you should hold off for at least a little while.  You never know when homesickness, too much partying, or a job lay-off might bring your child back home.
Perhaps you should treat yourself in a different way.  After all, you deserve something for all those hours spent raising your offspring to be a mature human who is ready to be launched.  And has all that kid-raising and the endless graduation made you feel, well, a little old?  Do you pass store front or office building windows, see your reflection, and wonder why your mother or father is walking by?  One way to treat yourself, improve your appearance, and make you look and feel years younger is a smile makeover!
Do you have broken, chipped, damaged, discolored, crowded, or missing teeth?  Do you feel like your smile is nothing but gums?  Now, you can get that perfect smile that makes you feel and look great in as little as one week with an Express Smile Makeover from Smile Texas.  People will be amazed at the transformation that your new smile will give to your appearance and your confidence.  The next reflection you see will be yours!  And next year, if your child is still successfully launched, you can work on that Man Cave.

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