Dr. Garcia Takes His Expertise to Great Day Houston

  • Posted on: Dec 16 2009
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Smile Texas is invited to do a segment on sedation dentistry on Great Day Houston this week. Our office will be featured because we have over 60 years of combined experience in administering nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation (pill sedation), and I.V. sedation with the help of medical anesthesiologists to help ease patient’s nervousness and fears about dental treatment. Therefore, we sent Dr. Garcia to the show so he can communicate to the audience and viewers on how our office can help guests overcome their fears.

The sedation dentistry segment will be held on Great Day Houston this Thursday, December 17th, LIVE from 9am to 10am on KHOU (Channel 11). He will introduce a couple of our patients that have had sedation dentistry at Smile Texas. For instance, our patient Rick grinded his teeth for years and always had neck pains that were associated with his misaligned bite. We computerized his bite with our in-house CT Scan in order to figure out the best way to correct his problem. Once the Dr.’s took care of his bite alignment, we gave Rick a smile makeover that he and his wife now love. Rick never experienced any pain in his 7 hour procedure because we were able to supply nitrous oxide and relaxation pills to make his dental experience smooth and relaxing. Our other patient that we brought to Great Day Houston was Beverly. Beverly came to Smile Texas because she liked that we provide one doctor at one location for all her dental concerns. She had some missing and discolored teeth that she wanted to repair which gave her a lack of confidence in her everyday life. Our Dr.’s were able to take care of her concerns by placing dental implants through I.V. sedation in order to correct her missing teeth and we gave her a smile makeover to take care of the discoloration.

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