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  • Posted on: Apr 10 2012
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For over a decade Smile Texas has been one of the nation’s leading providers of cosmetic and implant dentistry.  Perhaps the single biggest reason is the extensive experience of our dentists in performing highly complex Smile Makeovers (using all-porcelain veneers and crowns) and Total Smile Replacements (using Dental Implants).

The dentists of Smile Texas have followed their passion for cosmetic and implant dentistry.  This has meant hundreds of hours of continuing education specific to cosmetic and implant dental procedures.  It has also meant building a support team with the skills to deliver this type of dentistry and selecting the best dental labs in the nation to create the restorations that make up that perfect smile.  This level of dedication has inspired the trust of visitors from around the World.  Now, after over a decade, Smile Texas has completed literally thousands of Smile Makeovers that range from the cosmetic to total smile replacement.

In most cases, guests of Smile Texas can have a cosmetic Smile Makeover completed in just a few office visits.  We offer an express service for our many out-of-town guests that completes treatment in under five days (just one visit!). And every cosmetic Smile Makeover is backed by our Last Time You Pay policy.

For those people who are losing or have already lost their natural teeth to disease, accident or wear; Smile Texas offers the truly revolutionary solution known as Teeth By Tonight!™   In a single procedure, an entire upper and/or lower arch of teeth can be replaced using dental implants and beautiful new artificial teeth.  Our guest’s new smile is permanently attached and looks, feels and functions just like a healthy set of natural teeth.  Amazingly, there is minimal recovery time and biting and chewing function is immediately restored.  This procedure is a dramatic advancement over what used to take a year or more.  However, only a very few dentists in the nation are trained to do this breakthrough procedure.

To learn more or see before and after samples of many of our amazing smile transformations please visit us on the Web at www.smiletexas.com.

Smile Texas offers Complimentary Consultations to those calling 281.265.7645.

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