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  • Posted on: Jul 20 2011
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Feel like your smile is taking over your face – in a bad way? Maybe you’re ashamed of your stained, unhealthy, crooked, or missing teeth. Perhaps you’re embarrassed by ill-fitting dentures. Or you could be someone who’s just never been happy with their teeth. Whatever your concern, you’re ready to get noticed for a gorgeous smile.

At Smile Texas, a Smile Makeover is customized to fit each patient. The last thing you need – after living uncomfortably with a dissatisfying smile for so long – is a cookie-cutter grin. There is no one recipe for success – you are a unique individual and your dental needs are personal. As such, the dentistry repairs and procedures you undergo will be tailored to you alone.

We use advanced dental equipment, including CAT scans that show your jawbone in 3D and sophisticated software that helps us plan out cases involving dental implants. We ensure that your new smile is customized to suit your features. Your smile will be white, it will be gorgeous, but it will be memorable because it will complement the rest of you.

Ready to talk about how you can get a new grin? Schedule your complimentary consultation with us or call and speak to our new patient coordinator at 281.265.7645 for more information.

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