Give Dad a Reason to Smile

  • Posted on: Jun 18 2010
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Find out why smile makeovers and Father’s Day go hand in hand.

Sunday is Father’s Day and meaningful gestures are remembered. The gift of a new and improved smile will indeed have longevity and remind Dad that his health is super-important to the people who love him. (And if you’re a dad who’s looking for a way to treat himself, consider a smile makeover – it’ll go much further than any round of golf or a power tool!)

The most typical dad gifts don’t hold a candle to a smile makeover. Dads have long been recipients of new neckwear, but if a man doesn’t feel confident about his smile, that tie isn’t going to be quite enough to enhance his business dealings and social meetings. Porcelain veneers, dental implants, or full-mouth restoration will get Dad noticed for all the right reasons. If a grill is on your gift-giving list, consider this: Moms might love it when dads take over the cooking, but men who are dealing with missing teeth, worn teeth, or old fillings and bonds can have a tough time enjoying that hearty steak.

Dad wants to look and be his best in every facet of his life. Gift him with a new smile for Father’s Day or just because. Or, if you’re a dad yourself, consider a visit to the cosmetic dentists at Houston’s Smile Texas.

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