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  • Posted on: Dec 21 2010
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Looking to treat yourself this holiday season? Maybe a loved one wants to give you something extra special. It may sound cliché, but there is no measuring the gift of a healthy, beautiful smile. (Gift certificates are available – just contact us!)

New Year’s is right around the corner and so many people make resolutions to work out, eat better, and become the best possible version of themselves. However, sometimes the achievement of such lofty goals still leaves people feeling incomplete and dissatisfied, as though there’s something more that could be done to help them shine.

The condition of your teeth, gums, and smile could be affecting your satisfaction and happiness with life. If you’re uncomfortable with your dentures, have broken or missing teeth, are embarrassed by stains and yellowing… any of these situations can leave you with a low self-esteem and impact your daily life, no matter how good the rest of you looks and feels. Or maybe you have invested in dental work, but your crowns or dental implants are poorly fitted to your mouth and face.

At Smile Texas, we help people make permanent and uplifting lifestyle changes by giving them natural Smile Makeovers to complement their features and enhance their quality of life – in fact, some of our patients have said that their new smiles have changed their lives completely, for the better, like Ritch H.:

“I am a patient going back to 2006. My new smile changed my life back then for me. It’s now 2010 and I am still getting ‘feedback’ on my smile. Last week, I attended three different meetings and, at each one, I got a compliment on my beautiful smile. All I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH for what you did for me then and now!”

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