Good Nutrition Starts in the Mouth

  • Posted on: Aug 11 2010
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Loose dentures, missing teeth, and other dental issues can compromise your health and nutrition.

If you have gum disease, broken teeth, or unreliable dentures that just refuse to stay in place, the last thing you’re likely to do is eat corn on the cob, chomp into crunchy fruits or vegetables, or chew on a delicious steak. People with lingering dental issues tend to stick to foods (often less-nutritious options) that are gentle on their teeth, like carbs and starches. These soft foods can be easily chewed – but at what cost to your health?

Dental implants are a life-changing choice that can change your eating habits for the better. With dental implants, you can once again eat whatever you want, without worrying for even one moment about what affect a hearty meal might have on your teeth.

At Houston’s Smile Texas, cosmetic dentist Dr. Rick Kline designs and places dental implants for patients of all ages who are dealing with a wide range of dental problems. Implant dentistry can be done on both the upper and lower jaw – and for current denture-wearers, this means the elimination of a covered palette.

See some of the amazing smile makeovers that have changed the lives of Smile Texas patients – and their health – for the better.

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