Here’s to a Happy and Healthy New Year!

  • Posted on: Jan 6 2010
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2010 is upon us and people are making or working on their New Year’s resolutions.  We all make one and it usually has to do with improving our health, appearance and outlook on life.  My gym was packed on the first Monday of the New Year full of people working on their resolutions to improve their inner health and outer beauty.

At Smile Texas we see many people who want a beautiful smile to help them look and feel better.   What they don’t often realize is that a beautiful smile is also a healthy smile.  These are the BEFORE pictures of a case we finished recently that shows what I am talking about.

This patient came in with the idea of improving her smile.  She had a previous smile makeover that was not very aesthetic or healthy.  The previous smile was not well designed and was done with an older type of crown technology that had a metal in it that she was allergic to.  This caused her gums to be constantly irritated and did not create a healthy, beautiful smile.  No matter how much she brushed and flossed her gums bled every day.

BEFORE – notice bulky teeth and red, swollen gums

We provided an experienced Smile Texas smile design using metal free, all porcelain crowns and veneers that created a healthy and beautiful smile.

Look at the AFTER smile pictures of this case and pay particular attention to the gums.  Now compare them to the BEFORE pictures above with the lips moved out of the way.   You will notice a dramatic improvement in the smile and the health of the gums around the beautiful teeth of her new Smile Makeover.

Health and beauty- they go together!


Arturo R. Garcia DMD

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