How to Get a Natural-Looking Smile

  • Posted on: Jan 19 2011
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Wish you had a natural-looking new smile that really reflected the true you? Cosmetic dentistry is the answer – and no dental issue or concern is too great to overcome.

You’ve seen smiles that just don’t “match” a person’s face – the teeth are too white, too small or too large, there’s just something off about their whole look. You’ve sat beside the senior who struggles with dentures that don’t fit comfortably in their mouth. Whoever you’ve witnessed as having less-than-stellar dental work, hopefully it was enough to convince you that you never want that to happen to your smile.

And testimonials such as this should convince you that Smile Texas is the place to go for your smile makeover:

“I had to have my veneers redone because my first set did not come out the right color for me and the next set kept coming off all the time. I love my new veneers… white and beautiful. It really made me smile bigger.” ~ Kristen M.

Kristen opted for porcelain veneers, which may also be right for you. By scheduling your complimentary consultation, we can let you know for sure whether veneers, dental implants, or porcelain crowns and bridges are the best solution for your dental needs.

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