Innovative Dentistry Improves Patient Care

  • Posted on: Jun 15 2018
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Cosmetic Dentistry Houston TXAs much as people may wish they could avoid seeing the dentist, our field of practice was established to create a high standard of patient care. We are long past the days of oral care being performed by the neighborhood barber (it’s true!). Today, dentists have the opportunity to complement their base education with advanced training in all sorts of techniques and technologies. We are proud to serve patients from the Houston area with the latest dental standards. Here, we discuss a few of the innovative services that elevate patient care.


Far too many people forego dental care due to fear. As awareness about dental anxiety has increased, we have seen many tips come forth to help people deal with their fear. To us, this is insufficient; it’s lip service. Dental anxiety can be severe enough to keep a person from seeing the dentist even in light of apparent dental problems. We don’t want that for anyone. Patients of our practice can obtain the level of care they need by incorporating the appropriate sedation technique into their visits. For some, this is oral conscious sedation with an oral sedative. For others, sedation is administered in IV form. In either situation, the reward is more rewarding dental experiences.

Comprehensive Reconstruction

There is functional restorative dentistry, and then there is cosmetic dentistry. Full-mouth reconstruction is a combination of the two. Many people are living with the pain of dental disease that they aren’t sure how to manage. Teeth are in poor condition, but they are not failing. Maybe some teeth have fallen out or need to be removed due to disease. There may also be alignment issues, gum recession, chips, and discoloration. When there are multiple dental problems at once, the concept of repair may feel overwhelming. It doesn’t have to. Innovative dentistry gives us the skills and tools to develop a step-by-step process through which any smile can be beautifully restored.

Teeth By Tonight®

Extensive educational training and clinical experience make Dr. Kline an excellent resource for patients needing tooth replacement. The Teeth by Tonight protocol he personally developed involves extractions, gum treatment, dental implant placement, and the seating of a temporary bridge all in one visit. This expedited process alleviates stress related to extended healing periods after implant surgery.

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