Is Your Smile Holiday Ready?

  • Posted on: Dec 7 2011
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The holidays should make you smile… if they don’t, then it might be because you’re hiding something behind those tightly closed lips, like less-than-perfect teeth that you are ashamed for others to see.

If you’re having a family photo taken for your holiday greeting card or annual family group shot, will you be seen with a big smile? Even if your kin’s sense of humor is to take an ugly-sweater photo in front of the Christmas tree for your holiday card, you still want that smile to shine bright.

Are you dreading the office festivities as always? You can make a lasting impression – in a good way – if you invest in a smile makeover. You’ll feel comfortable schmoozing and small-talking, no eggnog necessary! So put yourself and your smile on your gift list this holiday season.

You may not even realize just how negatively your smile has impacted your self-esteem and your social interactions. If others see you as distant, grumpy, or always in a bad mood because of your facial expressions, it’s natural for them to react in a negative way. They may steer clear of you or not include you at all. That kind of constant reaction can’t help but affect the way you feel about yourself.  So, it’s no surprise that our patients who have smile makeovers tell us that people suddenly see them differently than ever before. Careers advance and romances blossom!

Whether it’s a family photo, holiday party, or major work function that has you hiding behind a closed-mouth grin, we can help you open up and enjoy life again – and the holidays – the way they’re meant to be enjoyed: with a smile.

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