It’s Summer in the City

  • Posted on: May 16 2012
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It’s summer here in Texas.  The calendar might not say it, but Texas summers rarely follow the calendar.  It will be summer here until nearly Thanksgiving.  Are you ready?  Are you ready for that summer wedding or the beach get-a-way or the cool mountain vacation?  You have been working out several times a week to get in shape for swimwear or hiking.  You have your spray-on tan.  You have new resort wear and the ladies have new strappy sandals and a new mani-pedi.

What have you forgotten?  What’s the first thing many people notice about you when you meet?  Your Smile!  You don’t want to spend another summer hiding your less than perfect smile.  Now is the time!  Smile Texas is the place!  Whether you need minor work or a full smile makeover, Smile Texas will make a huge improvement in your appearance.  And it will last for many years!  You can’t say that about your workout, your tan, or your new clothes.

In a very short time, Smile Texas will transform your smile into one you will be proud to show off to your friends on vacation and to your relatives at your cousin’s wedding.  People will remark on how good you look.  And you can SMILE and say, “Thanks to Smile Texas.”  Smile Texas offers so many options.  Porcelain bridges and crowns will fix chips, cracks, and spaces in your smile.  Porcelain or cerinate veneers will fix crooked teeth and will provide a dazzling white smile.  Missing teeth can be replaced with implants.  Your options are unlimited.  Make an appointment soon to plan your personalized treatment program.  Don’t wait until your summer activities have come and gone.  There is no time like now.  Happy Summer!

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