Missing, Loose, and Painful Teeth: A Detriment to Your Overall Health

  • Posted on: May 13 2011
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People living with missing or loose teeth (often the result of ongoing gum disease) suffer greatly on a daily basis. Not only is there the embarrassment of bad breath and unsightly teeth, but eating anything that isn’t extremely soft (like wet cereal) can be very painful. Fresh vegetables, fruit or a juicy steak are usually not an option.

Proper nutrition, a foundation of good health, begins with the right food choices. Good digestion begins with the ability to chew properly. So, when teeth fail and eating becomes painful the entire health of the body is greatly compromised.  Thankfully, with the latest advances in implant dentistry there is almost no one who is beyond help. In fact, at Smile Texas, Dr. Rick Kline can usually replace an entire upper or lower arch of teeth in a single procedure using dental implants.

Dr. Rick Kline has followed his passion for helping those living with lost teeth since leaving dental school. During his 20 years of practice he has been witness to many changes in this highly technical field. In years past, the placement of a dental implant required a highly invasive surgery on the gums to allow the dentist to avoid hitting nerves in the jaw and to find the site with the most amount of bone to hold the implant. And the best dental implants of that era required up to six months to bond with the bone before they could take the stress of biting and chewing. This meant multiple procedures and lots of uncomfortable recovery for the patient. It was typical for the entire process to take up to a year.

Thanks to pioneers like Dr. Rick Kline, things have improved dramatically. Today, Dr. Kline uses an in-office 3D CT Scan to see where a patient’s jaw bone is most dense and to locate nerve positions. With this knowledge, he can safely place a dental implant without a major incision and avoid unnecessary damage to gum tissue. Also, today’s dental implants secure immediately to the jaw bone and can instantly handle the forces of biting and chewing. What this means to the patient is nearly miraculous. In most cases, Dr. Kline can remove failing, diseased teeth and replace them with beautiful, fixed, replacement teeth locked firmly in place by dental implants, in just one procedure.  The patient is able to smile, laugh, bite, and chew again with full function within just a day or two. Thanks to these advances, the discomfort during the procedure and the short recovery period are minimal.

If you (or someone you love) has lost or is in the process of losing their natural teeth, we urge you to visit Dr. Rick Kline at Smile Texas for a no-pressure, complimentary consultation. Today, there is no reason to sacrifice good health and quality of life or to live in daily pain.

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