Nursing a Toothache?

  • Posted on: Feb 9 2012
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February 9 is Toothache Day – the origin of this holiday remains a mystery, but there are theories.

Perhaps Toothache Day is February 9 because this date is also the feast day of St. Apollonia, the patroness of dentists. Perhaps it’s because the ninth day of the second month of the year is when the Hershey Corporation was officially founded. Whatever the origin of Toothache Day, it’s a good day to do something about that aching tooth – it could lead to more troublesome oral health.

Whether you’re recoiling in pain from cold foods or hot foods, whether your tooth is sensitive to the touch, the fact remains – you’re in pain and you need help! Don’t suffer with tooth pain. A simple cavity could lead to much worse, including the need for a root canal or even a pulled tooth.

If you’re afraid of going to the dentist because you do fear that your toothache pain is an indicator of something worse, don’t let it hold you back! At Smile Texas, it’s our goal to give you a healthy, beautiful, natural-looking smile. So even if you do need reconstructive work, we can make it as painless as possible with sedation dentistry, and we have the tools and means to make whatever repairs necessary, be it dental implants or dental bridges and porcelain crowns.

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