School Starting and a New Beginning

  • Posted on: Aug 12 2013
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School is starting in a few days. Can you feel the fall nip in the air? It will be sweater weather before you know it. Oh sorry, here in Houston we won’t have fall weather until maybe Thanksgiving. But school is starting, fall weather or not. Most kids are tired of the pool and their other summer activities. They are tired of hanging out with and bickering with their siblings. They are ready to see their friends and get back into the routine of the school year. Most parents are definitely ready for school to start. The summer was great, but now it’s time to get everyone back to work.

The start of a new school year is also a new beginning. It’s a little scary, but exciting, too. The start of a new grade, a new teacher, maybe even a new school is a challenge for all kids and their families. Basically, as far back as you can remember in your own childhood, August into September meant that new beginning and your daily life changed significantly. Elementary school into middle school, middle school into high school, and perhaps high school into college were huge changes. After graduation, and into your first job, the next August came and went. Then September came and went and no changes, no new beginnings. There was the anticipation, but daily life remained same-old, same-old. Even with school a distant memory, the fall expectation of a new beginning still exists.

Of course, as a parent, the fall brings those changes and new beginnings. But while the family schedule changes, that new beginning belongs to your kids. So how about creating a new beginning for yourself? Why not consider doing something about that smile? Are you looking to replace missing or damaged teeth? Get a bright, white, beautiful smile with a complete “smile makeover” from Smile Texas!

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