Sensitive Teeth? Don’t Fear the Dentist!

  • Posted on: Mar 2 2011
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Does the thought of steaming hot cocoa or a refreshing gulp of ice water make you cringe? If your teeth are sensitive to heat or cold, that can have you shying away from a much-needed visit to Smile Texas.

Tooth sensitivity and mouth pain are common problems that could be caused by anything from a cavity to an incomplete root canal, gum disease to bone loss. Avoiding foods because of temperature or texture can compromise your diet – and your overall nutrition. And avoiding the dentist is not a wise choice.

It may seem like a catch-22 – you know you need dental work, but you’re afraid of the pain that further attention to your teeth and gums will cause. At Smile Texas, we have the solution for you: sedation dentistry. One of our patients who opted for sedation dentistry for their Smile Makeover said:

“I no longer have a fear of seeing the dentist, as I have in the past. A great experience and a great team. I am most happy and content with my new smile.” ~ Frank P.

We want to save you from reliving childhood nightmares about the dentist and relieve you from the lifelong discomfort of mouth pain. With sedation dentistry, you don’t have to worry about the pain of a procedure or the length of time it will take to solve your tooth sensitivity problems. Our Smile Texas team wants your cosmetic dentistry experience to be a journey that you remember for good reasons, especially every time you smile.

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