Sink Your Teeth Into a Smile Makeover

  • Posted on: Oct 20 2011
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Twilight. True Blood. The Vampire Diaries. The vampire rage shows no sign of dying down anytime soon – and neither does the wish of some people to have their own set of fangs.

Unless you exhibit some fairly obvious signs of vampirism, we won’t be creating any smile makeovers with pointy incisors – but what we do create at Smile Texas is a natural-looking smile that complements your face shape. While we can’t freeze your age like those eternally young vampires, your smile makeover could make you look a few years younger than you actually are by better supporting your features.

Did you know that some people are actually having their teeth filed to points or requesting pointed crowns or bonding so they can emulate Eric Northman or Edward Cullen? (Though we’re pretty sure the Twilight vampires don’t actually have fangs.) But these cosmetic choices can actually weaken your other teeth and make for painful chewing. And, let’s face it – a fad is a fad and, eventually, you’re going to get tired of those fangs.

If you must bite into Halloween vampire-style, grab yourself a pointy-toothed mouthpiece. Just be sure to brush and floss away candy residue before you “go to ground” for the day.

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