Smile Makeovers Change Lives In As Few As Two Visits!

  • Posted on: Jun 12 2014
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For over a decade the dentists of Smile Texas have been performing life-changing smile makeovers for guests from around the World. The office was conceived and designed to offer the latest in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. In one office, guests can have a cosmetic smile makeover (using beautiful, natural looking all-porcelain restorations) or when needed a total smile replacement with dental implants (Teeth By Tonight.™). Cosmetic smile makeovers can be completed in just two office visits in most cases. This has become a highly appealing alternative to braces that can take years and still cannot correct things like chipped teeth, stained teeth, missing teeth or teeth that are too small. There is no limit to how long a smile makeover with all-porcelain restorations can last, so long as the supporting teeth are kept healthy.

MARIA’S STORY: Maria was unhappy with how her teeth had begun to suffer from decay and permanent staining. Like so many of our guests, she was very hesitant to smile when she first visited our office. A few months after her smile makeover she returned for a follow-up visit and was thrilled at how different her life had become. Now, she smiles fully without hesitation. She even said that she felt her smile makeover had been a boon to her career. She won teacher of the year at the school where she teaches and was accepted to graduate school as a guidance counselor.

MARTIN’S STORY: Martin had lived with congenitally small teeth his entire adult life. When he first visited Smile Texas, he shared that in his school years he had endured quite a bit of teasing about his teeth. Like so many people in that situation, he learned to smile without showing his teeth. Of course, that is a very limiting way to live and was not allowing him to project his true, happy personality. As you can see from his before/after photos he now has Hollywood caliber smile that has truly changed his entire appearance. He also reports that this has been a truly life-changing experience.

If you can relate to these stories, we would love to help you realize a beautiful smile of your own. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation to explore your options.

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