So You Want to Be a Movie Star?

  • Posted on: May 23 2012
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So you want to be a movie star.  Oh, wait.  You don’t have an agent.  You have limited acting talent.  You don’t live in Hollywood.  OK.  So you want to look like a movie star.  Oh, wait.  You weren’t born with those classic good looks?  You don’t have high cheek bones and large, wide set eyes and perfect hair?  And oh, wait.  You don’t have an extra three hours a day to work out with your personal trainer to get and maintain that perfect body.  You don’t have a personal trainer?  You don’t have an on-staff hair stylist to do your hair each morning?   And, what do you mean you don’t have a personal chef to fix delicious low-fat and low-cal food to maintain your great body.  OK.  So maybe this movie star thing isn’t working out so well.  Oh, wait.  There is something that all movie stars and celebrities and all the beautiful people have.  That is a dazzling white smile.  And that you can have.  It’s the new “must have” for celebrities and regular folks alike.

Smile Texas did not create a beautiful smile for Julia Roberts.  They could have, however, because Smile Texas has created more beautiful smiles than almost anyone.  And they can create a beautiful smile for you!  In a very short period of time – as little as a week – you can have a Julia Robert’s kind of smile.  It won’t break your bank account.  Smile Texas offers easy financing.  A brand new smile will help you feel better about yourself and you will look terrific!  And when you look that good, maybe you can be a movie star.

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