Take a Bite Out of Mouth Pain

  • Posted on: Jul 23 2010
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Suffering from headaches or jaw pain? Are your teeth wearing down?

Bite problems are often the culprit behind a frown. And the side effects of a bad bite can include chipped teeth, headaches, clenching, short teeth, grinding, TMD, and TMJ. The last thing you want is a worn-out smile – and that can easily occur if your bite remains uncomfortable and poorly supported.

The cosmetic dentists at Houston’s Smile Texas work with patients from all over the world who are suffering with bite issues. Through the use of porcelain veneers, all porcelain crowns, and diode laser gum correction, Courtney got the smile she wanted in a two-visit smile makeover. She was even fitted with a night guard to protect her teeth, jaws, and joints to keep that grin in top condition and avoid any further discomfort.

Vienna had similar problems, but she was also unhappy with the look of her smile; she particularly felt that her teeth were dark and too small. Though Vienna’s solutions required a little more time than Courtney’s, the Smile Texas cosmetic dentists used advanced scanning tools to determine her relaxed jaw muscle position and used that information – along with veneers and crowns – to create a stunning, pain-free smile.

Don’t endure mouth pain any longer – a solution can certainly be found to match your needs at Smile Texas.

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