The Technology Behind Dental Implants

  • Posted on: Sep 17 2010
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Knowledge is power. Learn about the technology of dental implants and discover how easily this procedure can change your life.

Many people shy away from cosmetic dental procedures because of concerns about pain and the time involved. Though implant dentistry may sound daunting, the technology employed by the cosmetic dentists at Houston’s Smile Texas has eliminated the need for extensive surgery and allows every patient to experience a non-invasive, low-pain, quick procedure. The recovery time is incredibly brief – you can go back to work immediately, eat right after the surgery, and only take an over-the-counter pain reliever. How is this possible?

Using CAT scans that show the bone in detailed three-dimension, the Smile Texas dentists then virtually plan out each individual case from beginning to end using specially designed software. This also means that each patient receives customized treatment to create a natural look – their implants are designed to give them a beautiful, straight, white smile that matches the shape of their face and mouth. From there, using a surgical guide, the dental implants can be put into place in one sitting.

See the many satisfied patients in this online Smile Gallery. For even more information about no-flap, no-incision dental implant placement, watch this implant dentistry video series. No matter what shape your mouth is in, no matter your age, you too can receive dental implants and reap the many benefits of having a secure smile.

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