There’s More to Smile Design than Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic Dentistry Sugar Land TXIf you have observed our menu of services, you may have noticed that it has excluded one of the most popular treatments sought today: teeth whitening. In dental offices around the country, teeth whitening is a simple treatment that is performed every single day. It is an affordable way for patients to address deep surface stains in as little as one office visit. Seeing as millions of people seek teeth whitening treatment every year, it may seem odd that we don’t perform this procedure. We want to tell you why.

At Smile Texas, our objective is to help our patients obtain results that exceed their expectations. Our training and experience afford us the insight to recognize the nuances of the smile and how to bring out the most attractive characteristics of the smile. Ultimately, we also know that whatever we do to make teeth more beautiful needs to be sustainable. It is important to us that our results last as long as possible. This is one reason why we prefer porcelain veneers over teeth bleaching for discoloration.

You Want Radiance? Consider Veneers!

Teeth bleaching is limited in what it can achieve. The outcome of treatment depends on factors ranging from the severity of discoloration to the type of staining that has occurred to the very size and alignment of teeth. This is too much unpredictability for your Houston cosmetic dentist. Porcelain veneers and no-prep veneer alternatives are fabricated from bright white porcelain that not only brightens the smile immediately but also resists future discoloration.

Teeth Whitening, Veneers and Sensitivity

Many people who come in for cosmetic treatment already have sensitive teeth. To put bleach into the tiny pores of enamel would only exacerbate this problem for a short time. If you’ve done your homework on teeth whitening, you know that sensitivity can be so uncomfortable that it’s unnecessarily distressing. For people with sensitive teeth, no-prep veneers are an excellent solution to discoloration and other concerns. The customized jackets made in a dental lab are bonded to enamel, which seals the front surface of teeth against external stimuli that may typically cause sensitivity. Ultimately, the issue of sensitive teeth may go away while veneers are in place.

Cosmetic dentistry is an important practice that can change your life. We take our work seriously, but have fun along the way. To see how we can help you bring out the best in your smile, call 281-265-7645.

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