What Is Diode Laser Gum Correction?

  • Posted on: Nov 9 2011
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We often mention that our smile makeovers include diode laser gum correction. If you’ve ever wondered what this method actually entails, here’s an explanation.

Your smile’s appearance is influenced not just by the look of your teeth, but also the look of your gums. Some patients have gums that extend too far over the tops of their teeth, creating that “gummy” smile and making the teeth appear small. Alternately, if your teeth are in fact too short for your face, reducing the amount of gum tissue can make the teeth appear longer and more cosmetically pleasing. Either way, we use diode laser gum correction to make your smile beautiful and healthy.

Diode laser gum correction – also known as laser gum recontouring – is a very advanced laser technology which gently sculpts your gums to balance the length of your gum tissue so that it complements the size and shape of your upper lip, thereby making your teeth look longer and more proportional. Where gum prominence once required surgery, this new procedure vaporizes excess gum tissue safely and with lower risk of infection.

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