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  • Posted on: Aug 30 2012
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The Summer Olympics have come and gone.  It will be 4 long years before they show up again in Rio de Janeiro.  I am always surprised how caught up in the excitement I get.  It’s not just the really popular sports, either.  While I love the swimming and the gymnastics and the track and field, I am fascinated by the BMX bicycle races, archery, and fencing.  What was your favorite Olympic memory?

  • Was it that the USA won more gold medals and more overall medals than any other country?  And that is not politically incorrect.  Our athletes compete under our flag.
  • Was it how the Brits got a healthy dose of American-like mojo and won more medals than they had ever before?
  • How about Michael Phelps becoming the most decorated Olympic athlete ever?
  • Didn’t you love the shy and retiring Usain Bolt winning the “fastest man” yet again?
  • Another special moment was marathoner Stephen Kiprotich who won the gold medal for Uganda on the last day of the Olympic Games.  Uganda had never before won an Olympic medal.  Can you imagine how proud he is?  And how proud his countrymen are of him?
  • The Opening Ceremonies are always spectacular and this year’s was no exception.  The queen parachuting into Olympic Stadium was just a hoot.  She was quite the good sport for participating in that.

I could add dozens more examples and I’m sure you have favorites that I’ve missed.  But it will be four long years before more Summer Olympic memories will be made.  Or, on the bright side it’s only about 18 months until the Winter Games begin in Sochi, Russia.  I can’t wait for the skating, the snowboarding, the curling…

My very favorite Olympic memory?  All those gold medal winning smiles.

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