How to stop grinding your teeth

  • Posted on: Jul 15 2020
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We all know that day-to-day life can be incredibly stressful between work, marriage, and kids. There is so much to do each day that it can greatly increase stress levels for the entire family. However, did you know that stress can also cause you to experience problems with your oral health? Specifically bruxism. Bruxism is a condition that is characterized by clenching and grinding of the teeth. While it may not seem like a big deal, it can be the cause of many issues including:

  • Sore or painful jaw and surrounding muscles
  • Audible sounds when clenching and grinding during sleep
  • Continued awakening throughout the night
  • Mild to moderate headaches upon waking
  • Excessive and noticeable tooth wear by a dental professional

Many patients who clench and grind their teeth may be completely unaware it is occurring, especially if it happens when they sleep. The team of Smile Texas can evaluate a patient and may be able to tell if bruxism is present with an examination alone, as this condition can cause damage to the natural teeth or dental restorations. Once patients speak to a professional about their condition and have appropriate treatment done, they will often notice the reduction of pain in the jaw and headaches that were linked to this problem.

How do I stop grinding and clenching my teeth?

Patients diagnosed with bruxism may be unsure how to control their condition, especially if it is occurring overnight without their control. In many cases, patients can lower their stress levels with eating right, exercising regularly, and finding ways to relax and meditate before bedtime. For others, the use of an oral appliance may be the best solution, as it can reduce tension in the jaw while protecting the natural teeth and dental restorations from damage.

Are you showing signs of teeth grinding and clenching?

It is important to visit with a dentist if you suspect conditions such as bruxism are impacting your smile—and your health! If you have damage to the smile and are interested in learning ways to reduce damage caused by this condition, we urge you to book an appointment at our practice. Call (281) 265-7645 to schedule a consultation appointment with Drs. Rick Kline and Bret Davis of Smile Texas in Sugar Land, TX. Our practice at 4665 Sweetwater Boulevard, Ste. 450 is available to help new and current patients with their dental care needs.

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