Fighting four myths about gum disease

  • Posted on: Mar 15 2021
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There are many myths surrounding dentistry that many patients want to know the truth about. Instead of believing what you hear, it is important that you ask a professional about the facts. Drs. Rick Kline and Bret Davis of Smile Texas are available to educate patients on the harm of one of the most common problems seen in dentistry: gum disease. Gum disease is an infection that starts in the mouth and can spread, causing problems elsewhere in the body. It is also easily preventable.

Below are the facts to four common myths surrounding gum disease:

  • It is not a common dental problem. False. Gum disease is a very common condition seen by dentists throughout the United States, and many patients have it and don’t even realize it! This is because the earlier stage, known as gingivitis, is often overlooked, even though patients might have pockets forming in-between the teeth and gums and bleeding when brushing and flossing their teeth.
  • Cavities increase your risk of getting gum disease. A patient can have gum disease without having cavities. Tooth decay and periodontal disease do not always go hand-in-hand, and the absence of cavities doesn’t protect one from getting an infection.
  • Tooth loss will happen with gum disease. Not always. This is because early detection and treatment will help reduce the risk of tooth loss versus leaving the condition unaddressed to worsen with time. With early intervention, many patients with periodontal disease will not lose their teeth.
  • Bad breath is caused by gum disease. While a patient with gum disease may have bad breath, the two are not always related. An evaluation and discussion with a dentist about your halitosis will assist in finding the cause.

Educate yourself further on the benefits of good oral hygiene

Whether you’re concerned about gum disease or cavities, proper oral habits can significantly improve a patient’s chance of maintaining a healthier smile. Drs. Rick Kline and Bret Davis of Sugar Land, TX are available at Smile Texas to provide preventative tips and recommendations for new and established patients. Contact the office by calling (281) 265-7645 and visiting our team at 4665 Sweetwater Boulevard, Suite #450.

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