What are the causes of bad breath?

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Everyone has dealt with bad breath in their life. Whether they’ve just enjoyed a garlicky dish at their favorite Italian restaurant or battled a case of strep throat, bad breath can become a part of life. However, if it becomes a daily problem, it may be a great time to speak to a dentist at Smile Texas to find out about solutions for bad breath, also known as “halitosis.”

What is halitosis?

Halitosis is bad breath that may be either situational or chronic. It is essential that patients determine the source of their bad breath to ensure they reduce their risks. Bad breath can be caused by a wide range of issues, including:

  • Strongly-scented foods such as onions and garlics
  • Habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco
  • Dry mouth/poor saliva flow
  • Certain prescription medications that have a side effect of dry mouth
  • Certain conditions of the nose or throat, such as sinus infections or postnasal dripping
  • GERD or acid reflux conditions caused by stomach acids
  • Poor dental hygiene

How is halitosis treated?

For situational halitosis, such as eating foods high in garlic or drinking black coffee, the problem can be managed with sugar free gum or breath mints afterwards. However, more chronic halitosis may require an evaluation by a dentist to determine the source. Some patients may find that better oral hygiene habits such as brushing not only the teeth and gums but the tongue can reduce bad breath. Additionally, stopping certain pharmaceuticals that cause dry mouth helps. During an evaluation with the dentists at Smile Texas, patients can speak to a professional about the possible causes of their condition to find an effective solution when possible.

How can I avoid halitosis?

In some situations it cannot be avoided. However, by determining the cause, many patients can work with their dentist to discuss possible solutions.

Are you struggling with bad breath?

Stop halitosis in its tracks with a definitive diagnosis and proper treatment solutions with Smile Texas. Drs. Rick Kline and Bret Davis are proud to help Sugar Land, TX area patients with their dental needs in their practice, conveniently located at 4665 Sweetwater Boulevard, Ste. #450.

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