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Would You Like Teeth By Tonight®? | Smile Texas | Houston TXLet’s just be honest; periodontal disease can wreck your health. Long before the health consequences of oral disease manifest, though, the smile suffers the effects of poor oral health. Of course, one of the primary advantages of addressing decay, inflammation, and infection is to keep the body as healthy as possible. Gum disease is linked to a long list of medical conditions. Secondary to that, though, and not by much, is the value that can be reinstated in the smile after failing teeth are replaced. But tooth replacement is a long and complicated process, isn’t it? Not anymore!

One of the false beliefs that keep people stuck in an unhealthy, unattractive smile is the idea that tooth replacement takes a long, long time. There may also be a bit of fear related to the type of treatment that may be needed. Dentures are an appropriate method of tooth replacement, but most people are well-aware of the shortcomings of the standard denture fixture. The fit is a concern that, until recently, was difficult to attain with the accuracy that is needed for long-term stability.

The inclusion of dental implants, artificial roots, into the denture treatment protocol can resolve the issue of stability. Dental implants sit in the jawbone, no different than natural roots. Over time, bone grows around these tiny metal cylinders, creating a secure foundation for replacement teeth. The problem with this process is that many patients are told they must wait several months for their new teeth to be affixed to their implants. This is not the case at Smile Texas. In our Houston office, we can plan treatment in a manner that allows us to remove diseased teeth, treat diseased gum tissue, place implants, and seat new teeth, all on the same day. We call this innovative treatment Teeth By Tonight®.

Teeth By Tonight® is a streamlined procedure that has been developed and refined by Dr. Kline, a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology and a graduate of the renowned Misch Institute. In the past decade since developing this protocol, Dr. Kline has performed thousands of cases and changed the lives of many of our patients.

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Our teeth are not meant to fail us.  If they do, viable options exist to restore the look and feel of the smile. To learn more about dental implant treatment, or schedule a consultation at our Houston office, please call 281-265-7645.

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