Getting a Dental Bridge? Here’s What You Need to Know!

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Porcelain Crowns and Bridges Houston | Sugar Land TXIn recent years, we have begun to hear a lot more about replacing missing teeth with dental implants than with dentures and bridges. These two longstanding treatments are still widely used, though. If tooth loss needs to be addressed, you want to know the pros and cons of your options so you can decide with confidence which path is right for you.

The Value of Structure

We develop a full set of teeth, one against the next, to give us the ability to chew. Another reason that teeth are situated the way they are, though, is because they support one another. The structural integrity of teeth is vital to the health of the whole. Therefore, the loss of even one tooth could create a domino effect of problems if the tooth is not properly replaced. A bridge can be an excellent way to restore the adequate structure.

The Nuances of Bridge Structure

Just as the structure of natural teeth is vital, so is the care of a dental bridge. This fixture has two crowns, and it also has an artificial tooth. The center tooth sits on the gums, supported by two teeth that have been fitted with crowns. Each aspect of the structure of a bridge is important to understand because it dictates the kind of care that is needed long term. Sure, the artificial teeth in your mouth will resist decay. They will stay white and attractive thanks to the characteristics of porcelain. However, the overall structure may fail if oral care falls short.

Caring for the Dental Bridge

Brushing and flossing; it always comes down to this, doesn’t it? With a dental bridge, each of these actions needs to address specific areas in specific ways. For instance, the teeth that hold the bridge in place are susceptible to damage from bacteria accumulation around the base of their crowns. It is vital to gently brush these teeth (and all others) to prevent plaque buildup. Also, flossing around a bridge is slightly different than flossing around natural teeth. The use of a floss threader is necessary but also quite simple. The trick is, you have to do it.

If you choose tooth replacement with a dental bridge from Smile Texas in Sugar Land, we will demonstrate proper care for both your temporary bridge and your permanent restoration. Call 281-265-7645 to schedule your visit.

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