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Porcelain Veneers Houston, TXNow and then, we receive questions from potential patients regarding a change in the shade of veneers. In some instances, the problem is that the entire front surface of a veneer or veneers has become dull or yellow, just like natural teeth. Sometimes, discoloration is localized around the edge of one or more veneers. Here, we discuss why this may happen, what to do about it if it does, and how you might prevent this problem.

Two Things to Know about Veneers

One of the essential details about veneers that patients need to know is that the porcelain surface is glazed. As long as this glaze is intact, porcelain will retain its resistance to staining. Another aspect of veneers that relates to potential staining is that bonding resin is found at the edge of each porcelain sheath. This is how veneers are affixed to teeth. Bonding resin is not as stain-resistant as porcelain.

Managing Veneer Staining

Staining around veneers may occur for several reasons. If discoloration occurs only around the edges of veneers, it may be possible to resolve the problem by visiting an experienced cosmetic dentist for an evaluation. Standard stains that have developed in bonding resin may disappear when veneers are polished in the dental office. Another reason for outer-edge discoloration is that a microscopic gap has formed between the tooth and the veneer. This is referred to as micro-leakage.

Depending on the extent of separation between a veneer and natural tooth structure, micro-leakage may be repaired using an etching technique. However, if veneers are quite old, separation may have resulted from deterioration of the bonding material around porcelain material. If necessary, your dentist may recommend veneer replacement.

Can Leakage be Prevented?

Porcelain veneers are durable and can last upwards of twenty years. However, the edges where veneers are bonded to enamel are vulnerable. This is because bonding resin, which is sandwiched between enamel and porcelain, is softer than those two materials. Knowing this, you can support long-term results by:

  • Choosing your cosmetic dentist carefully to ensure proper bonding technique. Drs. Kline and Davis have been the official dentists of the Miss Texas-USA pageant for the past several years. Their advanced training in cosmetic dentistry supports optimal patient outcomes.
  • Have veneers polished in the dental office on a regular basis.
  • Brush and floss every day at home to keep veneer margins free of debris.
  • Limit alcohol consumption in order to preserve the strength of bonding resin.

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