An Exploration of Veneer Treatments: Standard or No-Prep?

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An Exploration of Veneer Treatments: Standard or No-Prep? | Houston TXLet’s face it; Mother Nature is not extremely generous when it comes to handing out beautiful smiles. We meet with patients all the time who are concerned that their smile does not reflect who they are. Cracks turned teeth, heavy stains, and other flaws can be incredibly distracting; not only for other people but for your sense of confidence. In our Houston area office, patients have options to help them gain a newfound love of their appearance. Here, we want to discuss the path toward beauty using veneers.

A Look at Porcelain Veneers

This popular cosmetic treatment disguises imperfections behind ultra-thin sheaths of porcelain. Veneers are crafted to the ideal size, shape, and color to achieve the desired outcome. Initially, this involves preparation in the form of impressions and, in some cases, tooth reduction. More on that in a moment. Ultimately, the veneer process creates a brighter, straighter, better-looking smile in a very short time frame.

Standard Porcelain Veneers

In the standard veneer process, treatment begins with slight tooth reduction. This is necessary because a conventional porcelain veneer is about as thick as a fingernail. Without enamel reduction, the veneer would then project slightly from the gums. When a tooth is reduced, the nerves are more responsive to stimuli such as hot and cold. For this reason, the tooth will always need a cover. With good care, conventional porcelain veneers can last ten or more years. If damage occurs at any time, a new veneer will be needed.

No-Prep Veneers

In recent years, manufacturers have developed even thinner veneers to accommodate patients who prefer to leave tooth structure intact. “No-prep” indicates that a veneer is thin enough to be bonded to the tooth’s surface without reduction. These veneers are about as thick as a contact lens. The bond between these thin sheets of porcelain is very strong, so even no-prep veneers can be expected to last several years. However, because no-prep veneers are so ultra-thin, they may not be appropriate for certain concerns, such as deep discoloration. There is also a chance that the results of no-prep treatment may degrade the smile due to an opaque appearance.

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Veneers are not complicated, but they need to be approached with a discerning eye and excellent technique. Drs. Kline and Davis each serve as an official dentist to the Miss Texas – USA Pageant. Their training and experience help our patients achieve the appearance they desire. To learn more about porcelain veneer treatment or to schedule a consultation at our Sugar Land office, please call 281-265-7645.

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