Do you Know These Details about Porcelain Veneers?

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Do you Know These Details about Porcelain Veneers? | Smile Texas | Sugarland, TXWe all like to feel good about our smile. Teeth that are straight and bright give us a little more to be proud of. The problem is, these characteristics may be somewhat hard to come by for many of us. Advances in the field of cosmetic dentistry have made it easier to achieve desired changes faster. We are proud to perform treatments such as porcelain veneers. With our high standard of excellence, we provide our patients maximum return for years of beauty.

Why Porcelain Veneers are a Top Cosmetic Procedure

If you are considering the best way to enhance your smile, there are more than a few reasons to consider porcelain veneers. These include:

  1. Not all cosmetic problems that affect the smile can be addressed in the same manner unless you choose enhancement with porcelain veneers. These wafer-thin sheaths of durable dental porcelain can disguise gaps, chips, stains, and other concerns in one process – a process that takes only 2 to 3 visits.
  2. When you change an aspect of your smile or facial aesthetic, you want to look like the best version of yourself, not like someone else, or something else. When made well and seated well, porcelain veneers achieve an appearance that looks like your natural teeth, only better.
  3. Ease of maintenance. There are very few modifications necessary to keep the newly made-over smile looking amazing. Porcelain veneers bond to the front of teeth. The new structure is capable of normal chewing and biting. What may weaken the bond of veneers is torsion, biting with a twist, such as what may occur if you bite your nails or other objects. What facilitates long-term structural integrity of veneers is good chewing habits and good hygiene. Simple!

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Due to the popularity of porcelain veneers, it has become increasingly easy to find dentists who perform this treatment. Drs. Kline and Davis are experienced cosmetic dentists who have treated a large number of patients in the Sugar Land area with exceptional results. To learn more about our educational background, training, and methods of cosmetic dentistry, schedule a consultation in our comfortable office.

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