Here’s What You Should Know about Sedation Dentistry

  • Posted on: Aug 15 2018
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Sedation Dentistry Houston, TXHere at Smile Texas, we are concerned with helping patients get the smile they will love for the rest of their life. It is easy to think that making positive changes to the smile will be all rainbows and roses. There are so many benefits to look forward to, how could there possibly be any room for stress and anxiety? Benefits aside, we realize that dental work is frightening for a lot of folks. It doesn’t need to be. We’re not here to talk you out of dental anxiety; we recognize the reality of dental-related fears. We’re here to empower you to receive the care you want and need by offering proven sedation dentistry solutions.

Sedation dentistry is nothing short of life-changing for many people. If you’re ready for a change in your smile, oral health, and in the way you approach routine dental care, talk with us about your options for sedation. You may be happily surprised at the ease with which you can change your perspective on dentistry.

What Sedation Dentistry Offers:

  • First, there is the convenience of being able to pick up the phone and make the dental appointments you used to put off. Then, there is the convenience of a simple delivery method, too. Common sedation techniques like oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) don’t require needles and require very little time for onset and wearing off.
  • Sedation itself is safe and the use of oral or inhaled sedatives, as well as IV sedatives, can also improve the overall safety of dental care. A relaxed patient is easier to work on due to lax muscles and jaw joints.
  • When inhaled through the comfortable nose mask, nitrous oxide eases anxiety within a few moments and maintains a steady level of comfort throughout treatment. Just as quickly, the effects of this sedative lift when oxygen is increased. Oral conscious sedation is the most common choice among our patients. This sedative works within about thirty minutes and can last for hours. Both types of sedative make time seem to fly by, and each also makes any memory of time under sedation fuzzy.

You don’t have to avoid seeing the dentist, even if you struggle with dental anxiety. Call our Austin office at 281-265-7645 to discuss options for sedation dentistry.

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