Sedation Dentistry: 8. Sedation Dentistry Leads to Incredibly Dramatic Transformations

  • Posted on: Jul 13 2010
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No matter what shape your teeth are in, don’t be embarrassed to turn to Smile Texas. Dr. Arturo Garcia and Dr. Rick Kline have seen it all… and their job is to help every patient, not to judge. Watch this video to see some of the most amazing transformations, made possible because of sedation dentistry.

No matter what condition your teeth are in, Smile Texas can take your case. Susan had a lot of common problems like gum disease and bone loss. She just wanted to look great again, no matter her age. Jose had mouth pain when he ate, but he was too busy to get to the dentist. Whether it’s because of fear, embarrassment, or lack of time that you avoid the dentist, if you make time in your schedule, Smile Texas will make time for you.

The goal is to give each patient a beautiful smile, but to also provide the structure that will allow you to eat healthy foods and gain the peace of mind that life will now be much easier – and a lot more enjoyable.

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