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Teeth by Tonight | Houston, TXAt Smile Texas, patients in and around the community of Sugarland, TX can obtain a beautiful smile in a short amount of time thanks to the Teeth by Tonight® treatment.

What is Teeth by Tonight®?

Teeth by Tonight® is a specialized process used to achieve a more attractive smile and address a variety of dental concerns at once. This procedure starts with an evaluation by our team to assess the patient’s specific needs. Patients then have an appointment during which failing or damaged teeth are extracted. If periodontal disease is present, the condition is treated with antibiotics and procedures such as scaling and root planing. Then, several dental implants are placed along the dental arch to hold a temporary set of teeth to enjoy until the final restoration comes in. Patients are able to eat a meal that evening with their temporary teeth, and patients find that recovery is fast and discomfort is minimal.

Who is a candidate for Teeth by Tonight®?

Most patients who have imperfections impairing their ability to enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile are considered the best candidates for Teeth by Tonight®. With problematic teeth removed and replaced, patients will no longer feel self-conscious when they smile, laugh, or speak with others. Patients are educated by our team in regards to the procedures that are performed to achieve results, allowing patients time to decide if they want to move forward with these services. Patients can also ask our dental team about restorative treatments that can be used to enhance the smile when specific issues exist.

How much does treatment cost?

The final cost for treatment will vary depending on what needs to be done to the smile to prepare it. We encourage patients to bring any dental insurance plans that they may have as well to perhaps lower the cost of treatment overall. We also offer financing plans that are perfect for families on a tight budget who want to make treatment attainable on a budget.

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Drs. Rick Kline and Bret Davis of Smile Texas are pleased to provide solutions for patients who are interested in rejuvenating their smile. If you are interested in learning more about Teeth by Tonight®, call the office at (281) 265-7645 and visit at 4665 Sweetwater Boulevard in Sugarland, TX.

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