Brooke Adams

Brooke Adams (AKA Miss Tessmacher) – TNA Wrestling Super Star!

Brooke Wins!

TNA Wrestling Super Star Brooke Adams knows no fear in the ring. But, when it came to the dentist’s office…that was another story. Brooke had suffered a broken jaw which forced her teeth out of their correct alignment. Her back teeth began to collide resulting in chips and wear that eventually began to expose nerves.

Living in Houston, Texas Brooke had heard of SmileTexas® for years. Brooke says, “From the first visit everyone made me feel safe and relaxed. You don’t feel like you’re in a dentist’s office. When they told me that they had sedation alternatives that would allow me to basically skip the procedure, I was so relieved. My entire Smile Makeover just took two visits. And even though I’m pretty tough, I admit that I cried tears of joy when I saw my new smile for the first time. Dr. Davis and Dr. Kline are my new heroes.”

“It was to the point that even eating was very painful. I couldn’t even touch my lower back teeth. And I’m sure I let things go so long because I had a crazy fear of the dentist.”

‘Go get em Brooke’ – From all the team at SmileTexas®.



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